Monday, May 27, 2013

I painted and painted some more today...lots of painting! James finished staining the gazebo yay!!
I like to dial up Bethany Church online when I'm working on stuff like we listened together. It was cool. We had some good conversation about Andrew and what the future might look like for him. #goodstuff.

I made fish tacos for lunch and Maddie's like, "what's a fish taco?" I say, "exactly what you think it is." She was like ok. I'll eat it.

Since I had extra cream cheese coconut frosting from yesterday's cupcakes, I sorta felt obligated to make another batch of coconut cream cupcakes. Just to use it up, ya know?

Maddie went back upstairs to finish watching part 2 of Sound of Music with Natie. She calls over her shoulder, "let me know when the cupcakes are ready!" She laughed when the first video ended and it said "intermission"

We took the kids to run errands later in the afternoon. Natie fell asleep in the car, and so did Maddie. Natie woke up long enough to say, "I'm hungry Daddeeeeee..." Then zzzzzzz.

Hannah bear came home tonight after a long weekend away...we ate corn on the cob and chicken 'n mushrooms. I tried out a Pinterest toe painting experiment on her before bed. Not sure....I think she thinks I'm cray cray. Andrew went to the movies after work.

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