Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's darking!

I waited too long to get a pic of the baby birds. All I got was the stink eye from mama bird. It'll have to wait til tomorrow.

My rare and beautiful delivery came today! A hand carved mahogany china hutch. It was Tim and Chrissy Kelly's and they are moving to Kenya in a few weeks to serve as full time missionaries. The rummage sale was a church fundraiser for them. As Chrissy and I chatted and walked around the tables, I commented on what a gorgeous piece this was. She looked wistfully at it and said, "that's my favorite piece of furniture."
That's all I needed to hear.
Now I will forever remember to pray for them and it's a wonderful memory to keep them near in our hearts.

We took Natie with us tonight cuz we had a few errands to run. We told him we'd stop at McD's for a snack (he won't be able to eat tomorrow until 5:00 pm waaah!!!)
As we drove along he looked out the window and said, "Daddy, it's darking!"
Then later when we got to McDonalds he said, "parking" cuz he wanted to go inside and eat.

But the most remarkable conversation of the evening happened when James and I were doing a project in the bedroom, and Nate asked him what he was doing. Then he said, "I'll help you" and when James cut his finger, Nate asked him if he was ok? Then he said, "I kiss it"
Yesterday I was standing on a chair trying to reach something and Nate told me to " be careful mommy"
((Hugs Hugs! Heart = Swell))

He has officially mastered the "v" sound in the word "love" and he says it first sometimes, without any warning. He"ll say, " I loVe you."

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