Wednesday, November 09, 2011

A deal too good to pass up

Andrew's photobook cover pic

I've been working like a crazy person trying to get the kid's picture books done. I usually use Shutterfly, and I work on the pages whenever I get the chance, otherwise it's a daunting task.
So in Shutterfly, all of my photobooks are nearly done. This is quite an accomplishment because Shutterfly now has all the whoopdee-whoo clip art and fillagree and crap like that, and it can take like, weeks to finish one page! (I don't actually know if this feature is good or bad....I tend to over-analyze every little quittle, page layout, font color and dottie-doo.)
I also like to wait for the sales too, like free shipping or buy 1 get 1 half off or whatever.
So along comes this email from Snapfish the other 1 photobook, get 2 free!!
So I race against the clock to upload all of the photos into Snapfish and make all new books, but it was so worth it. 
I got 3 books for like, I dunno....$4o bucks or some crazy thing.

Here's a funny tidbit; last night was the deadline, right? I worked all day,we had dinner quick, went to rehearsal, I was already wiped out from traveling the day before and it was nearly midnight....and I'm still working on these books! I go to check out to buy the books I've worked feverishly on, and it's still like $68 I'm like what the heck.
So I go and read the promo (I know right) and it's for the first 20 pages per book!
Oh no
So now I have to go back and condense the books down from 28 pages each to 20.
It's such a great deal though, and I can't pass it up.
My kids LOVE to get their photo books!
Last night they were like, "mom are you working on our books?"
Yeah, totally worth it.

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