Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 3

Hi Hannah,
Yesterday I decided to re-post your counselor meeting confession, which I thought was particularly wonderful! I considered that my post for the day. 
Besides, we didn't do a whole lot yesterday anyway...kinda lounged around in the morning...
it was nice for a change!
Later in the afternoon Becky came over, and she and I drove to Dykesville together for a singing gig we had with Trish. You would have loved it. The house where we sang was right on the beach-it really looked like the ocean it was so pretty. The house was totally awesome, and we sang on the stone terrace overlooking the water. People from all over were invited to come, and there were other people singing, too. Not just us. 
Mid-way through the gig, someone lite two campfires on the beach and the sun began to set over the water.
It was really beautiful! 

Dad and I took a walk down by the water for a few minuets, and I don't know if Tim intended to take this picture or not, but I like it. (Even if the wind is blowing my dress making my butt look big...I still like the picture!)

Today is Sunday. Steve and Christine led worship so I got to sleep in a little bit.
Dad played the drums and he was so incredible that people were just amazed!!
Steve and Christine did a great job...they really sound awesome together. Then Steve preached, and you know how that is....always great!
Then we went to the O'Connors for lunch. Yum. Jeff and Vicki, Pastor Jerry and Jeanne, and Tracy were there too. We laughed a lot and told lots of stories that you would think are boring adult stories. 
But WE had fun.

When we got home later, Dad went shopping for a new vacuum cleaner. The Dyson finally bit the dust (lol no pun intended) so he got this whoppdeewhooo Hoover Pet-Rewinder-super-sucker-cleaner thing that totally ROCKS! It has some pretty crazy stairs attachments just for you, dear.
Counting the days!
Miss you and love you.

oh....I thought I'd throw this in just to make you laugh.
Look at the expressions on everyone's faces!
Nice headlock you got Amelia in...rofl!!

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  1. I LOVE the picture of you and James! It just so romantic :) And I bet you sang beautifully!