Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hannah's Story

My daughter posted this on her blog, and I wanted to share it with all of you...
Hannah dear, you are a special young lady!

wow. Camp Daniel is really over. I'm so blessed that I got to spend an amazing time with my friends,but most of all, making my relationship stronger with god!!
This week4 was so different... in a good way!!
I really had a hard time on Sunday because I felt like doing camp was just not for me anymore. But God totally pushed me to go so I had no choice.

This week was so beautiful I swear I don't think Iv'e ever seen anything like it before. The first two days I really saw something and it hit me. The days couldn't be though any harder on me until Tuesday night. I was in the counsler meeting and Tony was going around calling people,I really was so tired and was kinda out of it.

Then I hear: "Hannah" I was so shocked thinking: "Why are you calling on me, I'm not a counsler" So many things were running through my head.
So I had started to speak about how my week was going and how excited I'am to be a counsler. After that I thought I was done. Then Tony asked me if I was scared for the future of Nate. Well I said I'am because its scary just
knowing how people are gonna judge him or laugh at him and its gonna be super tough.
Then God just said: "Hannah now"

I had shared what I had thought of people who had Down Syndrome way before Nate was born. I had said how I didn't want a brother to look like that. I would never get a brother like that. I couldn't take it or believe what I was telling everyone. This was waaayyyy out of my comfort zone.I did cry but I had my beautiful friend Annissa who I dearly love right their by me. People were glaring, and I noticed smiles but I still felt like I had said to much. I prayed for strength and love and the people at Camp Daniel are just unbelievable people!! Feeling love from everybody there is the best feeling in the world!!

I hadn't realized I had helped someone along the way. I had apparently spoke to them from the words of God!!
Then I realized that this is my life. Camp Daniel is my everything. This is my family. This is my home. 

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