Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quiet Days

It's late Tuesday late in fact, I think this post technically will be on Wednesday, which means I'm up waaaay too late!

It sure is quiet around here without you  guys belly-achin-movie-quotin-chip-eatin-lawn-mowin-music-playin-tv-watchin-guitar-strumin-door-slammin-mercy-me-singin....sheesh.

Miss you guys!

So...other than work, not a whole lot has happened the last few days.
On Monday Nate had hippotherapy.
His therapists are thrilled with his progress.
Yay Natie!! Ride on, cutie pie!!

During Monday's session he had to take a Velcro ball and throw it at a target hanging on the wall of the riding arena. The target is large and round and also has Velcro so the ball sticks. He had to throw the ball while astride the horse. He did very well.

I got home from work and Dad and I watched a double-header...the Brewers are awesome, right?
Whoo hooo Bernie
Which reminds me...Dad bought us all tickets to the Brewer game coming up next week...yippee!! Not the nose-bleeds either, he got us some really GREAT seats!! 
And basically, that was it for our Monday, other than boring work stuff which you won't care about.
Tuesday was a L-O-N-G day....and I got home late.
So I stopped to pick up dinner....

General Tso's, your favorite.
(Enjoy, Enjoy....Thank you)

I got to listen to a new song Dad wrote for a TAXI listing...and it is REALLY GOOD!!
In typical Dad-fashion he read the listing at 3:30, wrote the song, recorded it, mastered it and had it submitted by 5:00. What's even more impressive is he wrote the song using the
His guitar playing is so good, it won't be long before he can play this as well as he plays the piano! I think you're going to really love the song!

I also picked up a few movies, and Dad and I moved the couch like we like to do, so it's smack in the middle of the living room  and we can kick back the recliners all the way.

Snacks were plentiful for all in attendance.



 and even

for the

Love you!


  1. Jill...that's what happens when you go to bed at 8:00pm the night before. An extremely late night the next night:) So what is it gonna be tonight...early or late? Well I know I can always count on you responding to my 11pm

  2. Sounds like a grrrreat night, sister! Love you!