Saturday, June 08, 2013

We worked on the backyard landscaping this afternoon. James moved stones from around the gazebo to the new flower bed he made last week. He thinks mulch around the gazebo will look better. I think so, too.

Nate had a few new words for me today; when I called him to the table for breakfast he said,"in a sec!"
Then when he thought for sure some of his toys were behind the couch he told me to "move it! It's heavy, mom!" And when I did, he said, " thank you mommy! I'm proud of you!"

He rode his bike all the way past Harrison's house and back...then we played with sidewalk chalk. Later for dinner we went to Pizza Hut and Becky and Tim came over for a fire. At bedtime, Nate got reacquainted with his turtle star light. He and Amelia must have found it stashed somewhere.

Now it's almost midnight and Natie just won't sleep!!!

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