Thursday, June 06, 2013

Sweet MiMie'z and such

The four of us went to a new fro'yo place tonight to celebrate her royal (Jr.) high-ness.
It just opened in Howard. I am a frozen yogurt fanatic, I really am. I love love love it.

I got some flowers planted on the back patio...and we grilled out hamburgers for dinner. James made a big camp fire, too. It's a cool night here tonight.

I should have taken a picture of James and Nate wearing their matching Cubs bball caps. Soooo cute! My husband in a Cubs hat.....whaaaaa?!?!?!!

Over in the robin condo things are getting tight. When I took the picture I thought one was going to fly away! Won't be long now....

I picked up this super soft, extra bulky yarn the other day...and ginormous needles because my mother-in-law told me bulky yarn and big needles make the project go faster. She is so right! I want to make a throw, but I really need her to come home and show me how!! Hurry! Come back home! We miss you.

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