Saturday, May 25, 2013

Today was the church rummage sale. I got a car wash from the youth group. My car needed it soooo bad. James wanted to stop by the sale, and I wanted to take the girls to get breakfast, so I dropped him off first and headed to Big Apple Bagels. By the time I got back to church, James had a massive pile of things to buy!! One of them actually needs to be delivered oh yes, you heard me.  I'll keep the delivery item a secret for now....and post of a picture of it when it gets  here.
Just know is B.I.G.
(bigger than the 42" tv he bought to go in the gazebo!)
Andrew, James, Mike and Jordan. The last photo of them together was when they were at Breckenridge! (dogs)
Looks like there is only one little birdie left to hatch....come'on baby!! We're waitin on you!
Let the painting begin!
I think the interior of the hot tub gazebo will look good with everything painted white, so that is what I'm going with. I hope I'm right cuz it's a LOT of painting.  I want it to have a "spa" feeling to we'll see if I can pull it off. Everything in there is a grayish blue right now.
I'll take more pics when we're done.

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