Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Spicy tortilla pizza

I didn't name it.
Maddie did.
After bite #1 she goes, "mmm. What is this?"
I wiped the cheese off my chin and said "dunno, I just made it up. I got hungry."
She took another bite and said, "mmm"(again) and then, "it's like a tortilla pizza. Spicy though..."
And it was named into being. We wolfed down three of them while standing over the stove. (you know it's good when you don't even bother with plates and chairs).
We split a Diet Coke, then polished off the rest of the brownies. Well, Maddie polished off the rest of the brownies.
Dang. I could go for a brownie right about now.....

Spicy Tortilla Pizza
-large whole wheat soft shells
-Spike's black bean and corn salsa, medium
-shredded taco cheese
-pepperoni slices
Pre-heat your broiler to high, but don't move the oven rack to the top. It can stay in the middle.
Put a few heaping spoonfuls of salsa on the soft shell and spread it evenly. Leave an inch or so at the edge of the soft shell so it can get good and crispy! Take a handful of cheese and cover the salsa. Don't be shy. Top off the cheese with pepperoni slices. Place on a cookie sheet or baking stone and broil for a few minutes until the cheese is bubbly and the shell is as crispy as how you like it. It only takes a few minutes so watch it carefully. If your oven has a light, it's a good idea to turn it on and watch it while it broils.  After it cools a bit, take a pizza cutter and cut into four squares. There is something wonderful that happens to your tastebuds when spicy salsa meets pepperoni!


  1. Sounds yummy.
    I'm glad you got your oven fixed!

  2. Ya know, I think it just went on strike for a minute there....maybe too many loaves of bread in one day and it was like seriously? Because by the next day, I gingerly touched the "broil" button just to test the waters, know what I'm sayin? Didn't want to fire up the entire system and get it all mad again...and voila. Whew. But don't think I have forgotten about the double oven we talked about, girlfriend.