Sunday, May 27, 2012

It really, really rained today!

Today we slept in. I mean seriously we didn’t eat breakfast until 10:00 AM. Nate played with his Pop Onz for a very long time in the living room. He has discovered the amusement of throwing a plastic toy as hard as he can so it tumbles across the tile in the kitchen and bangs/plops/crashes into something. Then he’ll chuckle. Then he’ll look for another piece. His next victim.
I made scrambled eggs and bacon. I made coffee. It was all good.
I played for awhile with Nate after breakfast, and then put a movie on for him while I cleaned the kitchen.
I read Hannah’s fundraiser letter...totally awesome!
Love. It. We did lots and lots of running around after that.
Home Depot, Sams, Menards...let's see, what other man-store...oh yeah  Fleet Farm...
We had returns coming out of our ears.

Natie was such a good boy all day.
He never complained once, and ate his entire burger from the Boy Scouts fund raiser. What a trooper. (tee hee)

He also enjoyed his very first push up.

Tim and Becky came over for dinner. I had a chicken goin' in le croc.
I then turned around and started my chicken stock for soup for tomorrow after church.
I threw together some crusty bread dough, too.
I'm going to try my hand at making mini loaves of it this time, and use them for soup bowls.
I think that would be cool for when Ginny comes over for lunch tomorrow after church.


  1. that sounds so yummy.
    Nate is getting so grown up looking, maybe the hair cut?

  2. I would love your recipes for crusty bread and crock pot chicken!