Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dad's "crust"

I don't like kids in my bed.
Not that I don't like to cuddle, because I do...
But I'm not one of those parents who likes to sleep with their children.
I have my bed, they have's all good.
Last night Nate woke up after having been asleep (in his own bed) for an hour or so.
He doesn't usually wake up after he goes down for the night, and he was really getting worked up.
I went upstairs to find out what was wrong.
Andrew and I got there at the same time....we were both like, "what's wrong little dude?!"
He signed and said, "up"
So I picked him up, and Andrew said, "you wanna come by bubba?"
Nate said, "no" which again is unusual....he always wants his bubba.
Then Nate looked at me and said, "dada, down"
So I took him downstairs and told James that Nate wanted him, and when James came over, Nate pointed to our bedroom and said, "lay down. me, mama. dada."
that's downright cute.
But there was still a part of me that was like,
a little part, but it was still there.
I agreed but only because Nate never does this, and it's not a part of his normal routine.
But James on the other hand....well, he loves it!
We three get all cuddled in and I say to Nate, "only for a few minutes baby then you have to go back up to your room, okay?"
James murmers...."this is daddy's crust...."
And that totally made me smile.
And I got it, then.
And I allowed myself the pure enjoyment of cuddling with Nate til we all fell asleep, even if that meant I had to get up in the middle of the night to carry him upstairs.
James was referring to a blog post I made a few weeks ago about cutting the crust while you reference to babying my daughter Hannah (14) for as long as possible because I won't get to do it forever. So I cut the crust off of her sandwiches for her when I pack her lunch, even though James chuckles playfully at me....
Yeah I know I'm babying her a little.
It's okay.
It won't last forever.
So when James said about having Nate cuddle in our bed that it was his "crust" I was like awww.
It won't last forever either.
So I enjoyed every little breath in my face, every little wiggle of his feet, and every drink request and cover-pat-down, if only to hear him say one more time...."mama, lay down."