Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cut the crust while you can

My daughter Hannah wakes up early during the week to get ready for school.
Since she catches the bus at 6:30 AM ( sheesh! ) she sets her alarm for some crazy time like 5:45 AM...I mean, wow. 
But she is quiet like a cat upstairs, and I never hear her getting ready.
Often she will come tip-toeing into my room and whisper to me..."Mom, will you braid my hair?"
This morning we sat in the living room by the fire. It was very early.
I was on the couch, and Hannah sat on the floor in front of me.
As I gently brushed her hair for a few minutes before braiding a band across the front, it did not escape me that these are the days to remember.
These are the moments I will cherish for the rest of my life.
I admit that I brushed her hair longer than necessary.
I'm a lucky mom that she didn't mind.
I know that.
So after I was finished, and she went back upstairs to finish getting ready, I went into the kitchen to pack her lunch.
I cut the crust off her sandwich, because I know she likes that...and I don't care that she's 14, she likes it!
I won't get to do that forever!
But I get to do it today, and probably tomorrow. 
So I did, and I will.
My beautiful baby girl.


  1. Awww...made me cry. Those are the moments to cherish! I try to always remember that when things get crazy. It goes so fast. You blink and they are grown. I will remember this when I am braiding Lauren's hair today. Thanks!