Monday, January 16, 2012


The other day my husband bought a box drum, or cajon.
Cajon is a Spanish word for drawer, box, or crate. It is pronounced ka 'hone. 
It is a percussion instrument that originated in Peru.
It looks like this.
It's really cool.
You sit on it, like Andrew is doing, and play it with your hands. Depending on where you hit the drum, you get either the sound of a snare or a bass. 
I took this picture the very day they brought it home from the music store.
Andrew started playing it immediately.
He is a great drummer anyway, and he likes playing the cajon more than the drum kit.
So James grabs his guitar and they have a mini jam session, and it sounds great!
And then...I hear, ping, pang...
And I look over and see that Nate has grabbed his guitar, too.
Nate starts jammin' with the boys.
Now this is a really cute picture in and of itself, but what is even better than the sheer cuteness is that Nate is not walking independently yet, and he struggles to stand on his own for any length of time.
But he became so preoccupied with the music and his participation, that he stood up on his own, bent down to grab his guitar and starting playing it while standing up!
Yay, Natie!
Look at him play...and the same time!
Whoo Hoo! Go Natie, Go Natie!!

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