Friday, November 11, 2011

Westin Obsession

I want to go back!
Seriously this was the most fabulous bed I have ever slept in.
It is so stinking fabulous that there is actually a catalogue in the room with all their stuff for sale, like the linens, soaps, mattresses...even the shower head....everything.
It even has it's own brand name; Heavenly.
Oh yeah.
Now I'm on a mission to make my bed at home as luxurious as this one was.
And I have a plan!
As much as I'd love to drop $3200 and just get the whole shootenmatch, I don't really need to do that.
I already have a Vera Wang super plush pillow top.
But it's the sheets! And the 2 down comforters! And the crisp, white bazillion thread count! And, And,
If you've never slept at a Westin hotel, it's worth every penny.
I actually did snow angels in all of the delicious plushisness.


So I have my new sheets ordered.
I already have a white down comforter, but my other one is in my popup, so I have to get it out of there and clean it up.
Now to find a white-on-white striped duvet......
If I can track that down I will seriously be in business.
I mean it.
I can start charging for naps.

1 comment:

  1. got the sheets...AWESOME! You make me laugh! I say go for it girl and just get the duvet cover you want from the catalog. It could never be a waste of money right?! You'll be SO happy. Go for it or put it on a christmas list girl!