Friday, July 15, 2011

The tales we could tell

Camp Daniel is a summer camp for people with disabilities. Most people who are differently-abled do not have the opportunity to go to camp in the summer because either their needs are too great, the facility is not equipped to assist, or the activities are too difficult for them to participate. Or all of the above. But if you've ever been to summer camp as a kid, or you are sending your kid to camp this year, you know that it is often the highlight of the summer. Sadly, there is an entire population of kids who will never experience camp. And that is why campers come to Camp  Daniel from all over the country. Camp Daniel caters to needs of every camper regardless of their ability. Each camper is paired with one counselor who has volunteered to dedicate the entire week to their camper and their camper alone. The fun that goes on at Camp Daniel is too much to tell for one blog post....the life lessons learned at chapel each night are life changing and as is quite often reported....the counselor leaves with a greater heart impact than the camper. Every day is a new food and costume theme, and every afternoons activities are a total scream.
There is no place on earth as awesome as Camp Daniel. 
There is nothing as disgsuting as Messy Games.

This answers a lot...

'alo matie

This is the girl responsible for taking such cool photos of my family at Camp D. Thank you Molly!
Tailgate party
Andrew having fun with his camper at the Western BBQ
my super cute peeps


  1. Hi Jill, Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comment! You have a beautiful family! I enjoyed reading through your posts. Have a great weekend!

  2. Jill, make sure the fourth week I tell you the story of Nate singing amazing grace. I wrote it in my blog, but you have to hear it!!