Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Summer Project

 This was my back yard.
Until last Friday.
Last Friday the heavy equipment showed up and did this...
 ...and so it begins.
We're adding a hot tub to the back yard.
For Valentine's Day James rented a hot tub. I didn't even know you could do such a thing.
But they showed up Valentine's Day weekend and set it up, filled it and turned it on. I was very exited.
 We were only supposed to have it for a few weeks, but the company he rented it from ended up leaving it on our patio for months!
I guess they didn't want to come in the middle of winter to drain it and haul it away, and we didn't mind that at all.
Now.... I like a dip in the hot tub as much as anyone else....but I wouldn't say it's one of my most favorite things to do...
Well, I would have said that, until we had one steaming away in the middle of a snow storm ready and waiting for me at the end of a long day!
Besides that, James and I discovered that we enjoyed the fun and interesting conversations with the kids, and that the topics were different, and their attitudes were low-key and relaxed and we enjoyed our family in a whole new way.
So during the winter months we searched for a hot tub of our own.
(Remember the "mama...bap!" story?)
We found one...a much larger one than the one pictured with Andrew, Maddie and James.
(because for as much as we enjoyed the kids, I have to admit we were crammed in there like sardines when all of us were together.)
We decided to get a gazebo too, so it's not so cold getting in and out in the winter.
That's when the heavy equipment came into the picture.
And the friends.
Thanks to Tony and the guys from Camp Daniel, the hot tub and the gazebo landed squarely inside our garage after a very long and terribly fun and exhausting day!
So then came the decision;  pavers to match our patio, or concrete slab?
 For several weeks while the snow melted we debated, and finally decided on concrete.
I was very sentimental when we were putting our hand prints in the soft mix.
I didn't expect it.
 This is right after James made his mark!
 I was holding Nate so he didn't fall into the concrete, and Andrew placed Nate's little hand in the right spot and made sure he spread his fingers all the way. 
James gently pressed his hand down, and then each finger one at a time.
James, Andrew, Hannah, Maddie, Nate and me.
This is going to be a huge family project!
A fun summer project.
So by the time the weather changes again in the fall, you'll find us in the back yard...
oh yeah!

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  1. I love those beautiful handprints!