Monday, June 06, 2011

Nate's prayer

5 Awesome things about this video...

#1-I only had to tell Nate once or twice to fold his hands because we were going to pray before dinner. After that, he understood and knew exactly what to do.

#2-We don't hold hands at the dinner table... this is Nate's idea.

#3-The first time James asked Nate if he wanted to pray, he replied, "yah" and nodded his head, and then he was silent for several seconds before he said "ahhyeeeee!" (amen). But now, he's got his own prayer.

#4-Although he uses the phrase "da, da,daah...." for many things, it only has this cadence when he is praying. We think it's a beautiful sound.

And finally, 
#5-If we forget to pray, he will remind us!
(btw...notice how Nate looks around the table to make sure we all have our heads down. LOL. 
prayer police!)


  1. What a beautiful video! I agree that the cadence of Nate's words are different... he is clearly praying. I love that boy, and your family, with all my heart!

  2. I can't wait for the day Pastor Nate Joins me on the road, praying, preaching, and being part of the revolution of the Church. You guys are blessed as a family, and we all are blessed by your family. Thank you for posting it.
    With so much love for you all,

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