Monday, May 09, 2011

Extreme Makeover: Nate Edition

Have you ever had those days when the kids are in the car for a long trip and they get just grubby and sticky and fall asleep all cockeyed in the car seat with crumbs still on their face?
Oh man, it makes me cringe to think about it.
Last Thursday started something like this.....
Hannah was entertaining Nate on the way to Madison, which is a few hours away from us.

 We were there to honor and celebrate National Day of Prayer at the state capitol building.
We were all a little off schedule afterward, and Nate finally fell asleep in the car on the way back.
The girls did a great job strolling him through the capitol but for real, he was in the car seat for a few hours to get there, in the stroller for a few hours, then back in the car seat for a few more.
He was a bit cranky, a bit more grubby, and his black pants were half-white from the powdered sugar donuts (don't judge me).
But his day didn't end there because as soon as we got home, we had to leave again to drop off Hannah and Andrew and make our way to Becky's house to take her to dinner for her birthday!
At this point Nate needs his pants changed. Seriously changed.
In all of the NDP planning and organizing I realized that I didn' t have anymore diapers in the car.
So I stopped at the only place between mine and Becky's house that would accommodate;
Family Dollar.
I got diapers, a change of clothes, wipes...and before I knew it...Nate went from awfully grubby.....
 To awfully adorable.
 And even though he had to sit again at the restaurant, he was too busy chowing on the soup and bread that he didn't even notice.
He deserved a Cold Stone after all that!

I love to take Nate wherever I go. I never have weird or awkward experiences where people look at him strangely or with pity. NEVER.
I still can't keep my hands off him and I kiss his face constantly.
He waves and smiles and chats people up all the time.
His is delightfully engaging.
I believe that one outing at a time, I am helping change the perception and negative stereotype of kids with Ds.
If you are pregnant with a baby diagnosed with Ds, don't be afraid.
Be exceedingly joyful!
You are about to enter into the most abundant and wonderful time of your life.


  1. Natie is so awesome...and so is his mom:)

  2. What a beautiful family! And I love my Sunday mornings with Nate at church! God is good! XXOO

  3. Thanks for sharing. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our DS princess from Ethiopia, and her little sister. I am enjoying exploring your blog.
    Christy Oswald