Saturday, April 30, 2011

Nate's been busy!

Just in case I've never mentioned it before...Nate is the greatest!
He's been a busy kiddo...
I take him to swimming classes so he can work on his little belly muscles, and it also helps strengthen his legs.
He is doing awesome with this cool reverse walker. His dad likes to take him outside for little neighborhood strolls, especially now because there are two houses being built on our street, and Nate LOVES to watch the big trucks coming and going. 
(Look at Nate's t-shirt. lol...looks like the crane in the background!)

 Pop up books? Totally his favorite.
 Andrew will take nearly every opportunity to hang out with Nate if only to get the most kisses! Nate is smitten with his bubba, and I know the feeling is mutual.
 Easter Sunday with rarah (Nate's word for sister)
We are so blessed to have Molly as our dear friend! Over the last year or so she has become practically part of the family! She comes over on Friday evenings and takes Nate to Able Church. He loves it. She loves it. They are crazy for each other!

er...or they're all just crazy, period.
Nate visited the dentist and was AMAZING! He is such a little rock star.
Can I just say he makes my heart burst with happiness??
still get tears in my eyes when I am holding him ....tears of pure joy.
I just can't believe he's mine, and I get to squeeze him and kiss his perfect little face every day!

 Here we are at KeKe's he adores his Aunt KeKe. He was asking for her tonight in the car on our way home from dinner. We were celebrating our anniversary.....and we met some incredible people tonight! We had such a great time.

Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!


  1. loving all the updates~ and so happy to see him cruising around the hood~ happy anniversary Jill! xo

  2. great hearing what is going on...happy anniversary

  3. Natie is so cute...I love him so much! Happy Anniversary:)

  4. I love you all too, more than you know.