Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The wheels on the (short) bus....

go 'round and 'round....all through my town!
ok...confession time. When Nate started school in late October, I was curious to know what kind of bus would be coming to pick him up. Would it be a typical yellow school bus? A handicapped-accessable van? I wasn't sure. (Secretly, I wanted the short bus. Yeah, I know. Lots of parents cringe at the thought, but I wanted my kid to be the reason the short bus came to the neighborhood). So when a typical school bus like any other showed up, I was a little bit disappointed. Even though all of the kids riding it were going to the same EC class, still....it was so....typcial. And then yesterday the bus was late. Really late. When it finally showed up, it was Nate's new bus! A short bus! Yeah!! That's right, people. It's a short bus. It's my kid on that short bus...take a good look. He's awesome, he's a rock star....he's the greatest most wonderful kid in the whole world. I can't believe I get to be his mom. (yeah for me)
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  1. No way!! Thats awesome. I asked Molly if he rode the short bus and was disappointed when she said no! Then I felt weird because normally people would hate for the short bus to come but I was so upset that he didn't ride one. SO glad it came!!!

  2. Except for the name on the side, that looks just like John Michael's bus. He loves riding the bus and he's the only one on it, so he and the busdriver have a little chat for 2 minutes and then he falls asleep for the next 13 minutes before he's home. Doesn't matter to me what type of bus he comes home on and it doesn't matter to me if anyone thinks anything. He's my rockstar, too. I hope school's going well for Nate.

  3. Sweet sweet Nate! Sweet sweet mommy!

  4. Oh Jill I love you! How wonderful to cheer for the short bus. And you know that Natie is the coolest rock star of all. We are all so privileged to know and love him. I love and miss you guys!