Saturday, January 22, 2011

The road to Zion

Isn't it amazing how many song lyrics  bounce around in your head at any given time?

When I was a teenager, one of my favorite bands was Petra. This morning as the sunlight spilled over the top surface of the clouds, my memory flipped through the thousands of stored songs without me even knowing that by the time I agreed to cream and sugar, blinked sleepily out the window, and consciously thought about how lovely the view was, the melody from all those years ago was already tinkling in my head. I smiled as I recognized the song my memory had chosen for me:

"There is a way that leads to life;
The few that find it never die.
Past mountain peaks laced white with snow,
The way grows brighter as it goes.
There is a road inside of you,
Inside of me there is one, too.
No stumbling pilgrim in the dark,
The road to Zion's in your heart."

The view from my window seat looks like this road to me. 

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  1. Yes thats it... please pass this onto James- thats "The Road" he just watched. The road is dark and hopeless from the dads or narrators point of view. But the son lived in the light, with hope that only Jesus brings. Others saw the light in the son, and followed him. The dad thought going south he would find renewed hope, but the light and hope he desired was in his son the whole time. Also pass on to James for me, to enjoy his week in the "bomb shelter"! We'll miss all of you, have a great time down there. Thanks Jill for your words here today and always.