Thursday, October 14, 2010

What the.....?

Where does the time go, anyway? Here I committed to blogging 31 for 21 and now I realize it's been daaaaayz....and I'm slackin' big time.

But we have great news, and that is that we have finally decided where Nate will start school next week, and that is a big relief.

We had his IEP yesterday and we are very excited about his education this coming school year, and we really like his teacher. He will be at our district public school in an early intervention classroom with only five other kiddos. He will go four days a week for half days, and we have the opportunity to have his therapy continue in the summer.

He loves loves loves to watch for Andrew and Hannah's bus, and I just know he will be so excited to get on the bus himself!


  1. You and another great friend of mine (who just adopted her second sweetie with DS) just posted on the same thing. Her little guy is Iranian, actually and CUTE, CUTE, CUTE like Nate. Check out her blog on my side list. It's Country Living the Urban Way, or something like that...

  2. I failed the challenge, on day three or four! dont fret mamma! I love reading your posts.