Monday, October 18, 2010

Extreme Weekend

It was a great weekend...Friday night we attended the Jewels, Jeans and Jazz gala which is the annual fundraiser for ASPIRO. I am a member of the board at ASPIRO, and also on the planning committee for this event. It was such a fun time! (ASPIRO is the organization that supports Nathan and offers us the Birth to 3 program among other incredible services for the disabled community in our area).
Over the course of this year, my dearest friend Becky not only raised money for the JDRF walk, the Awareness Walk (for Ds) and organized both supporters and teams for these close-to-our-hearts organizations, she also joined the planning committee with me for the Jewels event. Here we are (after we'd eaten the most scrumptious cheesecake ever to grace a plate) with Mike the president of ASPIRO as well as Sheri who is the director of special events.
I had the chance to catch up
with Katie,the guest speaker for the evening. She is totally awesome.
On Saturday afternoon we watched a local episode of
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. It was so cool. It was our local station's inside scoop on the build that my company did several weeks ago for the national show. It was really great because this episode covered the concert that James organized, had an interview with him as well as showcased the singing we did.
There was even a cool interview with Ginny Owens.
On Sunday evening there were hundreds of us that gathered together to watch the airing of the national show on big screens. What a thrill! fun is this??
What an awesome and deserving family.
James got to know Mr. Arboleda well as he has already been to the new house a few times to do some recording with him. The entire experience was unbelievable.
Welcome home, Arboleda family...Welcome Home!!

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  1. I'm so proud of you Jill. Ok everyone, last year...Jill was the speaker for the event and she was so awesome!!! This year was fantastic but would not have been the same without Jill! You rock girl! What a great organization and event. I'm so proud to be your best friend and supporter. I love you Jill!!