Monday, October 19, 2009

Plans to prosper you.....

The original Hebrew word in this passage is "shalom".
The NIV is the only translation that reads,"prosper".
Although prosperity is a derivative of the word shalom, it's fairly down on the list. In this particular scripture "peace" is the translated context.
Do I hope that God's plans for me, for my husband, for Nate and my family include prosperity?
Why not.
But my true joy is found in the peace that God has planned for me and the ones I love.
I desire peace for Nate more than prosperity, more than anything except his salvation.


  1. Well said. I love your sons room and that verse over his crib- so sweet!!

  2. What a beautiful nursery. Love the verse. Did you put it on yourself? I always wanted to do that but have no artistic talent.

  3. Very inspiring! I've always talked about writing scriptures on our walls (as Deut.6 describes), but have never done it. Yours looks so good, too. BTW, you mentioned Watermark -- oh girl, they are my FAVORITE!! I've seen them in concert twice and I end up getting all delusional thinking Christy Nockels and I could be best friends. It's bad...