Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kiddo, you were born for a reason

Wow so much has been going on this past week or so, I've hardly had time to catch up! It's been busy, but fun and extremely rewarding. I am so grateful that Nate is a super-duper-go-with-the-flow kind of kid. He sure gets to do a lot of exciting adventures and never complains if those adventures are in place of a nap. Yesterday James and I did a ton of running around and Nate cat-napped inbetween travels to and from everywhere, and he seemed not to mind at all. Some of the events he's attended and people he's met in the last several days include:
Going to Madison last Thursday for the National Day of Prayer event... ...which I hosted at the capitol (Nate's 2nd NDP!) What an awesome feeling it is to sing, worship, pray and speak the truths of God's Word at the capitol building in Madison! We then hit Ella's Deli afterward and rode the carosel. V. Fun.
Then Nate had his first hip-hop concert Friday night (The Figureheads...awesome!) This was at the MEGA Center which is a part of our church. The Figureheads have this award-winning song called Born For a Reason which, in my opinion...should be played (loudly) at every Buddy Walk in the nation:
This song is for the kiddos we believe in
Kiddo, you were born for a reason
Even if you can’t see it, we can
Kiddo, you were born for a reason!
I promise once you hear it, you won't be able to get it out of your heart. And I don't even like hip hop....but I know I will be requesting this song at the Green Bay Buddy Walk this year! Here is Hannah with her best buds lovin' the music. Nate was munching pizza in the kitchen with his fan club. (Which basically includes everyone in our church).
And then all day Saturday there was
swimming at Nana and Papa's with all the cousins! This after a long day of graduation parties and eating at all crazy times! Nate was all about his cousin (little) James-they were having a blast in the pool!
Then this rounded off the week by having
lunch with Ginny Owens after church
What an incredible musician, song-writer and beautiful woman of God. Here's me and Becky hanging out with Ginny before sound-check. I had such an awesome opportunity to spend time with her and get to know her a bit. She is truly amazing. I felt like I've known her for years!

We even took Nate shopping for our new tent! We'll have plenty of room for James and I and the pack-n-play in this bad boy. (The older kids have their own tent). Can't wait for Memorial Day Weekend!!

Happy Campers!


  1. Nate sure was a busy boy this weekend! The tent looks great! Happy Camping!!!

  2. Jill I just wanted to say thank you for your comment and that wonderful verse!! It made me cry because I know God has a wonderful plan for us and that verse is just so comforting!! Nate is precious and I'm so glad he has been such a blessing in your lives!!

  3. Natie really does go with the flow. He's such a good boy!

  4. Your bookshelf is the bomb!
    That is definitely the song of songs, it plays daily in our house. We will be having those guys back soon. DJ playing his harp with them was awesome, he is still flying over that one. DJ takes the stage by him self from time to time, but having those guys work him into that song was awesome, it was acceptance, it said he had value...that he was born for a reason!