Friday, April 24, 2009

Personality Plus

We had our friends over for dinner last weekend, and it was one of the first warm(er) evenings of the we started a fire in the fire pit and sat outside while the kids ran around the back yard.  It was so good to be outside!  Getting to spend some time with Cade and watching him play and interact with his sisters was really fun...he is so full of energy! He is the same age as Nate, and they are real buds.  
It's impossible not notice the differences in their abilities.  But later that night I shared with my husband that I have come to the conclusion that there is much more to consider than abilities. (Even though as children are developing, abilities are what parents tend to focus on).
But Nate is different from Cade in a lot of ways that have nothing to do with Ds, but everything to do with his personality.  I have to be careful to not just put everything I see into the "Ds basket."  Nate is so much more than Ds....and I want everyone who reads this who might have a tendency to do the same thing to just be aware of it, and take the time to enjoy your child's personality for exactly what it is...wonderful! Nate loves to communicate using eye contact...he is very demonstrative with his hands and facial features.  He is not very fussy.  He loves to be held and to cuddle (and not every baby does at this age!) and there is so much more!  These are all traits of his wonderful personality, and because another child of Nate's age may not do these same things doesn't mean it has anything to do with Ds!


  1. He looks very sweet and cuddly! You're right, our little guys are so much more than Ds and abilities -- they are unique, made in the image and likeness of God. And that has nothing to do with a diagnosis :-) Thanks for your post.

  2. I'm so glad you found my blog because now I've found yours!:) I loved your husband's post about the way you first heard your son may have DS and how you handled it. Looking forward to following your story!

  3. "Personality Plus"...I'd say. He's the best...sweetest boy ever. Nate's wonderful qualities can't even be counted. He's the best Jill and we love him so much!

  4. My three kiddos are so different. The oldest aon was a loner, the middle son was independent until 1, then became a total cuddlebug, and the youngest bounces back and forth from cuddler to little Miss Independent I-can-do-it-myself. The DS is part of her, but her personality is just Sydney.

  5. Beautiful post!Nate is very cute!
    I'm enjoying learning Ruby's personality.