Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Prayer Bracelet

Last October I took a trip to Colorado Springs to attend the Prayer Summit at the National Day of Prayer Task Force headquarters.  I had never been to Colorado before, and it was the first time I had been separated from Nathan.  I flew home the day before his first birthday.  While in the airport, I purchased this bracelet along with Nate's birthstone charm as a way to honor his birthday and also to remember this significant events of the weekend.

I have added other charms to this bracelet....I have one for each of the children, for my husband and a few others to commemorate important events in my life.  This past Sunday I was chatting with Pastor Jerry's wife Jeanne and she noticed my bracelet.  I explained to her what the charms meant and she exclaimed..."oh how neat! It's like a prayer bracelet! Each charm reminds you to pray for those you love!"

How perfect is that.


  1. Find a charm of a walleye and remember to pray for me. You're awesome, Jill.