Monday, February 09, 2009

This morning, I was driving Nate to Deanna's and I could hear him chatting in the backseat. He had on one of my favorite hats, which is a brown knit hat with a puppy's face on the front, and two floppy ears on the sides. I know...silly but he's so darn cute in it. Well he promptly removed the hat and starting munching on the ears. I tilted my rear-view mirror so I could watch him, and this is what I was thinking...words all tumbling over one another in my mind at rapid pace; Beautiful. Wonderful. Delightful. I am humbled by such great love and affection. Gorgeous. Perfect. Happy. Blessed. What did I ever do to deserve you? Adoration. Pride. I don't want to drop you off...I don't want to part with you for even a moment. I love you. I wouldn't change who you are. You are the apple of my eye.


  1. Awww, Jill! Thanks so much for sharing. Every time I read your blog it's such a blessing to hear what your kids or you and James are up to. You and yours are a gift to me from God.
    I am blessed to know you.

  2. Hi. You have a beautiful blog - I found you from Ruby's Life. My little guy, John Michael, is just 3 weeks younger (11/14) than your little Nate. Your little guy is so cute and I love what you wrote about him. I ditto what you said for my little guy. Come visit us sometime and say hi.