Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Left overs

I got this new piece of art for my dining room. It's a beautifully framed black and white print of loaves of bread and small fish spilling out of a basket. The words scribed on the print are from Matthew 14:20, "They all ate and were satisfied, and the disciples picked up twelve basketfuls of broken pieces that were left over." I believe this story is not just an incredible miracle for that day in history...but a reminder to us even each of our lives...that if we give God what we have, He will not only meet our needs and fill us to satisfied like in this passage, but will give us more than we need. More than we hoped for or could have ever dreamed was possible. I brought the piece of art home from Lighthouse Christian Bookstore, hung it on the wall and gazed at it for a long time. I remember hearing a speaker on Focus on the Family talk about this very topic. She felt like she had so little to offer the Lord in the area that she felt He was calling her in. Then she heard the Lord's voice speak to her heart and say, "like the boy in the Bible who offered his little lunch of five loaves and two fishes...are you willing to give me what you have? Are you willing to give me your lunch?" She struggled with this concept and prayed, "but Lord, I have so little!" And again God said, "but do I have it? Do I have your lunch??" When she gave God what she had, He honored that obedience and faith and went on to work so incredibly through her situation. I've loved the story of this miracle even more since hearing that perspective. I think of the moment in the specialist office when we were told of Nathan's results from the ultrasound. Even though I was so scared and full of anxiety, I gave all that up to the Lord. I gave Him what little faith and hope I had about something I knew nothing about, and trusted Him to bless that and bring peace to the situation...whatever the future held. I'm hear to tell you, that I got the left over. Natie is my 12 basketfuls.


  1. You know sometimes I think its easy to believe that God will give me what I need but I actually find it hard to give God what I have. This is a great reminder that not only will he give me what I need but maybe much much more if I just give up everything I'm holding on to. Thanks Jill:)

  2. Great story and so true. I often feel I have nothing to give and when I am obedient, He always blesses abundantly. Blessings always follow obedience.Thank you for sharing. I know God loves that you gave Him your all,for his return was the 12 basketfuls, the joy and blessings of your RIVERS OF JOY!!!!! May God continue to bless you richly.