Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Natie-boy!!
Nathan is the most incredible blessing we could have ever hoped for. He has brought such joy to our lives...more than we could have ever dreamed possible.
Statistics reveal that as much as 90% of women who are faced with a diagnosis of Trisomy 21 for their unborn child will choose to terminate. Make no mistake...every terminated pregnancy is a tragedy. But to make this choice out of fear, anxiety, pressure or ignorance is unconscionable.
I never knew love could run so deep. I didn't know such depths even existed until Nathan was placed in my arms. There is always fear of the unknown, and throughout my pregnancy, my husband James and I went in and out of all sorts of emotions. But we never wavered in our decision to thank God for the gift of our child, no matter what his diagnosis was. James said just the other day..."what on earth were we ever worried about?!"
There are no words to describe what Nathan does to each member of our family...and the pleasure we all get from being with him. Although our medical staff was (eventually!) wonderful in every way (thank you, Dr. Chauhan) I have heard many stories of women who were encouraged by their doctors to end the pregnancy...that the life of a child with Down syndrome isn't worth living and has no value. This is a lie. I make sure Nathan knows this is a lie as I pray over him each night and whisper into his little spirit that his life has worth and value, and that he is loved beyond measure.
There are countless women all over this world who grieve over their decision to end the life of their child becasue of Down syndrome, but not one story have I ever heard of any woman who regrets the choice to have her baby. Not one. If anyone knows someone who has received a diagnosis of Trisomy 21 for their unborn child and are considering ending the pregnancy...please send her my way!
I would be honored to support anyone in need of a helping hand, listening ear or shoulder to cry on...because I don't want to miss the moment when tears of sorrow turn into tears of happiness.

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  1. Oh My Goodness. I have tears of
    joy for you and your family. May future blessings be multiplied to you through your precious son. The Joy of the Lord is your strength. Tracy