Friday, October 31, 2014

What I learned this week

I started reading this cool blog's called From Inmates to Playdates. I like her writing style a lot...and recently she published a post called "What I Learned This Week."

Thought I'd join in the fun.
I had to link up to some linky tool thingy...hope I got it right.

I flipped through some of my pics from this past week and after I selected the ones I wanted, I noticed they were mostly about food.
I'm a foodie. I can't help it.
I work out so I can eat cake.
it's true.
don't judge.
so what were a few things I learned this week? hmmm...

I learned that Fall isn't Fall without Nana's pumpkin cookies.
They are so freaking good, and we will all hover around the plate and stuff our faces.

I learned that given the choice, my kids will eat everything except the tomatoes.
If I was prudent I would have saved them and used them in a different way, but they would have been picked out and shoved to the side of the plate anyway so why bother.

I learned that donuts will be eaten at anytime of the day, without hesitation, even after the donuts have been sitting in the car all day.  
I heard on the radio yesterday that it was National Donut Day, so I did the only responsible thing.  Hannah didn't believe me so she asked Siri and Siri said it was in June.
Who's right? Radio DJ or Siri?
Only happens once a year...right? or...twice a year, I guess.

I learned that #downsyndromeawarenessmonth HAS SO MANY MORE PARTICIPANTS THIS YEAR on ig and it was sooo cool reading post after post and seeing some of the cutest pictures EVER.
Wow, there are some seriously cute kids out there.

I learned to lean on God more this week, which is awesome.

I learned that being stretched is a good thing, and that being humble is the only way to go.

 I learned ALL OF A SUDDEN  my 17 year old daughter is almost a woman and that her habits and patterns are changing at rapid pace and I'm not ready for it.

I learned that even though Nate doesn't like salad, he likes to dish it up.  Who knew?
This was really challenging for him btw...and he struggled to get the slippery pieces of lettuce soaked in dressing to stay in between the spoon and fork. 
mmmmm....that was homemade dressing, too. It was sooo goood.....wait what 
 He did great though! We all stopped in mid-bite and watched him as he pulled the salad bowl toward his plate and started what turned out to be a little OT. lol

I learned that having a teenager in the house that is over 18 is not like having a teenager in the house.

I learned this girl has more determination right now for things that sadly do not matter than she does for things that do.
I learned that my husband sees through that and can amazingly reach her on that level and speak directly to her heart.

I learned that although our senior pastor has recently retired, he still gives great sermons on his blog!
I appreciate that.

I learned after looking at so many kids this month with Ds that I only think my kids or kids with Ds are adorable.  If your kid is cute and doesn't have Ds, then they're just typical.  Sorry. Just being honest.

I learned (today) that wearing James's shirts are so much more comfortable than wearing my own. 

I learned that the Natural Collagen Stimulator booth at Planet Fitness is I-Dont-Know-What-For

I learned that I am in no way shape or form ready to be a worship leader, but that I am so ready.

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