Friday, November 01, 2013

Just a day ...

October 30, 2013.
This morning I had to go to LaForce hardware to pick up master keys for one of my properties. That business is right next door to the Boys and Girls Club on Oneida St. That's where Andrew used to have basketball practice last year, and it hit me really hard because I miss him so much. I Remember dropping him off or picking him up throughout the basketball season and how much fun it was just having in the car with me. It's funny how something and come out the blue right at you unexpectedly. It makes me love this town because this is where my memories are. So I thought I grabbed my phone and make some notes so I could blog again more frequently like I've been telling myself every day that I should do. Days go by and I forget the little things that make my life so full of joy. I don't want to forget those times, like today. Even though it was a hard memory, it's still brings joy to me because it reminds me of someone that I love very much. So like I said, I grab my phone and open up my notes app so I can write it down, in the first note that opens up is in his graduation party. How funny is that.

I have been thinking about Andrew this morning anyway, because he called me yesterday to tell me that his charger for his Mac didn't work anymore and he needed a new one. I was making a mental note to text James to see if he knew what kind it was so we could order new one for him.
I am reminded how the ins and outs of life weave a beautiful tapestry.

This morning when I was getting Nate ready for school, he was sitting on the couch and I was putting on his socks, orthotics and shoes. (He's wearing those cool Jordan high-tops!) 

Anyway, before I put his socks on I grab his little feet and rub them and rub his ankles and kisses all of his toes and I think, "I know I did this with my other kids!" 
It's just so hard to remember them being that little. But I know I did, because I can remember saying some of the same things to them that I say to Nate. So I just want to say it officially right here and right now....Natie you have the cutest little baby feet and I never miss an opportunity to kiss them and kiss you. Every chance I get, little boy, I kiss your face your neck your head and your feet. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you like I love Andrew, like I love Hannah, like I love Maddie....I just didn't write it down back then, and I should have.

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