Monday, August 19, 2013

Seasons change

In one week we will drive Andrew to college.
I am very excited for him!
I keep thinking I should be blogging about every single day so I won't ever forget what it's like to have him home...because one day I'll be like, "was that when Andrew still lived here?" And it will seem weird to think there was a time when he was still a boy, and still lived at home.
Already it feels like he is so ready to go...and that he's just being a gracious guest to me until he can take off, and I know that is natural.
I'm going to miss him like crazy.
I suppose that is natural, too.
So for tonight I'm thankful to get his text that he needs a ride home from work, even though it's late. In a handful of days I won't be doing that at all, so I'm grateful for the times together lately...early mornings to Becky and Tim's, and late-night pickups from Gillys. I will miss our rides in the car together listening to, quoting and laughing over our favorite comedians.

Oh I know there will be a time that he'll most likely move back home-for awhile...but it's the ending of the childhood of my first baby.
I'm happy, and sad. Excited, and nervous. I'm scared to even blog because I don't want to admit even to myself that the end of it is so near.
Love you, Andrew.
I'm so proud if you.

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