Sunday, June 30, 2013

Maddie was a huge help with the cookies today. We spent a lot if time in the kitchen together this afternoon. We made about 6 dozen cookies. I also made KayAnn's potato salad and pulled pork....and a lot if other stuff I'm too tired to remember. BUT...the best part if the night was going into the hot tub for the first time!!! James and I went in....about 10 minutes later I'm like, " should I go wake the girls up?" He nodded. So I ran inside and called them down. They scrambled down and jumped right in....(they weren't even sleeping)! Glorious. Then a few minutes later, like it was scripted, Andrew comes home from work. He was like "whaaaaa!!!!???" And in he came. Perfect family night. The best way we could have christened the paradise Calspa!!!

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