Tuesday, June 04, 2013


I sat Nate on the counter this morning and told him I was going to make his lunch. He said, "crackers....sandwich...." And I look out at him from inside the pantry and said,"are you telling me what you want in your lunch?!"
He giggled at me and started over, "crackers..." so I grab the crackers. Then I go in the freezer and get an uncrustable. I put them both in his lunchbox. Then his eyes light up and he exclaims, "fruit snacks!" So I put a packet of fruit snacks in the box. Nate looks at me, smiles and holds up deuces and he says, "two fruit snacks."

It was sooo cute!

I took him to the couch to put his shoes on and he sits and doodles while singing ..."yes, Jesus loves meeee"
And when Andrew came downstairs, he had to write down each family member as Nate listed them off.

A fun couple of minutes before school.

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