Saturday, June 15, 2013

Becky came over the other night, and I made honey mustard chicken and wild rice. We sat outside and ate, and had sweet tea.
We drank far too much tea.
I was up.
But while I was in the kitchen cubing the cantaloupe, I watched Becky and Maddie through the patio glass, chatting and laughing. I couldn't hear their conversation, but it was sweet to watch them interact with each other like true friends, not like a child to an adult.  Maddie would watch Becky's expressions, she was listening intently, and then her head would fall back in a laugh and Becky's hand are just a'flyin'. 
One of Natie's favorite snacks when he sits on the counter while I cook.
This afternoon Hannah said, "mom there is NOTHING to eat in this house...." which normally means there is nothing fast and pre-made for me to smash into my pie hole.
I'm trying to teach her to cook for herself when she's hungry...and so I said come on over here, we'll make quesadillas. She's like, "I know how to make those already. I took Culinary Arts"
It begs the question of course as to why she didn't make them, then....and I have to chuckle anyway at Culinary Arts. Pretty sure that's Home Ec.
In any case, I whipped them up out of the "empty pantry" and we snacked on them for lunch.
I took a little jog.
Later, after Natie's bath, we went up to his room and I read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. He fell asleep long before I finished the first chapter.
There was a terrific storm after that, so James and I sat outside and watched it blow!

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