Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pieces of the past

I hosted Thanksgiving dinner again this year.
I just love cooking and baking for people I love! I especially enjoy getting out my Grandmother's is something I treasure. She had it shipped from Guam...can you dig that? And not just one set of eight...she ordered two!
I miss her. I've been thinking about her a lot lately.
I wonder on what occasions she used this china?

For as much as I can not recall my Grandmother ever using the china that she cherished, I remember very well my mother using these Christmas cookie cut-outs!
One day, several years ago, she gave me a large Ziploc bag full of cut-outs. She announced that she was done making Christmas sugar cookies and that I was now the inheritor of the cut-outs. 
She unceremoniously handed me the bag.
I remember thinking...."I hate making cut-out cookies."

Not so anymore. I have conquered that fussy dough once and for all.
I got out that Ziploc bag tonight and made cookies for a party tomorrow.
I felt really sentimental about these old cut-outs, and about my mom, too.
I wonder what kind of memories she would have if she saw them again after all this time?

Treasures to pass on to the next generation!
I hope my kids have fond memories of me using these little pieces of history.
I hope one day when it's their turn to use them ...they will think of me, too.

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