Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Family Camp

I love this picture of Natie snoozing in our camper....aww.
Oh the bliss of sleeping in the camper!!
L.O.V.E it.

Every year we go to Spencer Lake over Labor Day weekend for Family Camp. We hang out with other families from our church which, I guess if you're just reading this and don't go to our church you might think B-O-R-I-N-G!!!
Church camp??

I get that.

I would probably think that, too. church is AH-mazing, and it's a weekend we look forward to all summer.

 I was walking back from somewhere, I don't remember where or what I was doing...but I was heading back to the campsite, that I know. 
I passed the playground and saw Amelia and Maddie up on the slide trying to get Natie to go down. I stopped and took a few picture because they were all giggly and acting silly. 
Soon, Mike and Ian came blazing through the playground, but when they saw Nate they immediately scrambled up the slide the wrong way (like boys always do) and spent a good 45 minutes playing with him. Amelia and Maddie wandered off to the swings. I followed them and sat there in amazement. I can't believe boys their age would take the time and give so much attention to Nate.
It wasn't long before several other boys came, and before I knew it...Nate was lost in a jumble of pre-teen boyness.

If you look really close, you can see Natie peeking out from under an arm...what you can't see is the big grin on his face.

See what I mean? This happened later in the afternoon when we went down to the beach.
I swear, it's like moths to a flame.
Everyone wants to be a part of building a sandcastle with Nate.

 A little sister love.
James showing Nate how to play carpet ball. Camping=doing nothing but enjoying everything.

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