Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A day in the life

This morning I got up at the crack of dawn....or as my friend Kristy says, "at the CRACK!" It always makes me laugh. Cracks me up, actually. (hehe)
It was 5:00 AM to be exact. That's stinking early.
I drove Andrew to church so he could get on the bus to go to Skip and Ski with his youth group up in Marquette Mountain.
Didn't Andrew just get home two days ago from here?

yeah, he did.
That's Keystone Mountain,  people...
I know, right?
Where's mom? Sadly, she is not taking the picture...waah!

So when I got home, I tried with much effort to go back to sleep, but it was not to be.
So I got up and cleaned the kitchen (yeah, it was still a mess from the night before. sorry. for those of you who thought I was perfect, well...there ya go)
I put my iPhone in my player and listened to Daily Audio Bible. It's awesome and if you're not listening to it, you really should be. 

I got Natie up after that and fed him breakfast and got him ready for school. After he was safely on the bus and I blew 46 kisses, I jumped in the car and headed an hour or so south to Oshkosh.
I had an evictions hearing, hm.
Not my favorite part of my job, but still part of my job.

Ok, that's it, I'm done.

I spent the rest of my work day in the Valley visiting my other rental properties and is the life of a property manager. drive, drive drive...good thing I like to drive.
and THEN....
my husband called.
cute, isn't he?
He called and told me he was SOOOO HAPPY! I couldn't wait to hear WHY?!!?
He said, "I just opened a package from UPS..."
He said, "But I LOVE IT! And I'm so happy right now!"

But he likes it, right? That's a good thing.
He also said he wanted to have a cookout for dinner, and that he was going to run to the grocery to get some burgers. That made ME very happy!

So I texted my bff Becky to see if she wanted to come over for the evening...she said YES!
cute, hey?
So Becky came over and we had dinner, and I declared it yummy.

Then I gave Natie a bath. 
In the words of Maddie, "can this boy get ANY CUTER? I don't think so"
She's right.
Natie you're so cute!!!

Oh, I should mention....while I was driving home from work, I got a hankering for making bread. 
(Is hankering still used? I don't really know)
For whatever reason, I wanted to make a braided bread, so as soon as I got home, and while James was outside cooking the burgers, I looked for a good recipe for braided bread, and found one for challah.
There's a lot of history regarding challah and I'm not Jewish but I made it anyway.
Home made bread is SO EASY.
And it is SO GOOD.
Here's my challah.
While the challah was rising, James did a wonderful thing.
He started the first campfire of the year!
Hurray for campfires
We love campfire and hope you do too.

During this time a few other things were going on, namely;
  1. Maddie decided to watch Elmo with Nate
  2. Andrew called and he was back from his skiing excursion and needed a ride home
  3. The Bucks were putting the beat down on whoever they played I forgo...oh yeah, Cleveland. 
  4. Hannah went for a walk
  5. Bentley put both front paws on a dining room chair and helped himself to the balance of Nate's burger
  6. We contemplated me stopping at getting supplies for s'mores (which I did)
  7. I baked 3 batches of amazing cowgirl cookies

It was a lovely day, from beginning to end.
peace brothas and sistahs.


  1. So, is this what you did all day??? Cool...


  2. That is a wonderful day!! Every Tuesday for this semester I wake up at 5 and head to Milwaukee to do field work in a first grade classroom. I'm always tired, but they make me happy!