Monday, February 13, 2012

Family Trip

So we have this vacation counter that James's mom gave us awhile ago.
I seriously love to use it!
I get excited every time I glance at it and see the time dwindle until it's VACA time.
I keep it on my kitchen counter so I can peek at it everyday.
I especially love it when it looks like this:
We packed up the SUV and on Friday  morning we left for a week in Nashville.
Becky and Tim let us use their portable DVD players that strap to the back of the car seats, so that was really cool to have. 
Funny thing though...for all of the incredibly warm weather we've had this winter, on the day we left there was a terrible snow storm.
It took forever to even get to Milwaukee.
We made a pit stop at the Grand Avenue Mall though, so all was not lost.
After a few hours hanging out and eating, we got back on the road.

I was totally entertained by Waze.
I even contributed a few hazards of my own for the other 87 wazers on the road with us.
Pretty sure "mamasboy" was the trucker in front of us but I guess we'll never know...

By the time we hit Chi town it was still a bit hazy, but the roads were clear. The kids were really good, and we stopped often enough.

He wishes...

I even did a bit of home-schooling on the way, and not just for Andrew. I got all of the kids involved in the lesson. I bought this interesting magazine that has tons of Americana-type historical stories. Some stories are about people, some are about locations or events, and some are about politics. Each kid had to read for 1/2 hour, and pick out a story. Then James and I thought up 5 questions that they had to answer about the story they read. After that they had to write a summary. Finally, they had to grade one another.
After they were done with that, I climbed in the way back to sit with Hannah and help her with some of her other school work. We were into it for about 20 minutes and she says, "is this what it would be like if you were home-schooling me?"
I said, "yes, something like this."
She replied, "I like this home-schooling crap."
I'll take that as a positive.

After stopping at the Cracker  Barrel outside of Gary, we spent the night Merrillville, Indiana. Oh Cracker Barrel, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways....
1) the way you smell when I walk through your doors
2) the fun shopping and great candy selection you offer me
3) the big fire
4) the jumbo checkers next to the big fire
5) that stupid jump-peg game at the table
6) your green beans soaked in butter
7) biscuits covered drizzled with honey
8) country fried steak
9) your sweet tea
10) your rocking chairs.....

I could go on and on, couldn't you?

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