Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Cross Country

Andrew joined cross country this season. He was awesome! Before his first meet, he used a sharpie to write "T21" on his arm bands. He says he runs for Nate.

This is a team photo from last night after his final meet.


  1. I used to run Cross Country, what a great team is was, the comraderie is amazing! So glad that he is able to run for Nate!

    Kelli @livinglifewithes

  2. I only ran track, but knowing what I know now I wish I would have joined CC. I love to run! I used to think I couldn't run this far, so I never joined. Too bad! I would have loved it.
    It is so much fun watching Andrew race, and I'm so glad he does it for Nate as well. Marking up his arm bands was the first thing he did after joining the team.