Friday, September 16, 2011

Camp D's picnic

Molly's right....Camp Daniel's appreciation cookout has turned into a weekend affair. This year we slept in the new dorm and WOW that is all I can say...WOW. I should have taken pictures. I'll have to ask Molly to take some for me since she's up there all the time. I mean for reals, the dorms they are building are AH-mazing!
It was so fun seeing everyone again. It's only been a few weeks since we had camp, but when you're heart is there, going a few weeks without seeing everyone is so hard!
I got to see Amanda again. This girl is a total stitch. Right after this picture was taken I said, "Hey did you know so and so was going off to college?" And Amanda looks at me funny and she's like, "what? no she's not. she's making that up. she makes up a lot of stories, Jill, you just have to learn to go with it." I was seriously rolling. She said a few other hilarious comments like that throughout the weekend...omg she's too much fun. I love you, Amanda!
Smiling so sweetly....awww.
Jen asked me to go out on the boat with her. I had just finished my 12th bowl of chili so I was afraid I might sink the thing. It was really relaxing being out on the water, and we had such a nice time chatting.
Andrew, Jake and Nick just before heading out to go water skiing.
I wish this picture wasn't so blury. It is such a cute snapshot of the day.
Hannah, Ruth and Annissa! Even when they are screwing around they are still so photogenic!

(Who is missing? Awwww Emily!!! Wish you were here!)
When Jake and Nick came, Nate was so happy to see them! They were talking with James, but Nate just wanted to be passed from one to the other.
It goes without saying that these are Nate's favorite camp guys

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  1. Looks like a blast! It was so sad to miss it when everybody was there!! And that is definitely where my heart is and I have to go a long time with out it :( I did find a great new church in Whitewater which has a small disability ministry that I want to get involved in!