Monday, September 26, 2011

Bubba's Red Truck Chile

This year for the Ds awareness walk, I decided to try my hand at being a chili chef. I happen to have an inside track to an already award-winning chili, or chile recipe...thanks to my friend Tim... and I wanted to give it a whirl.

I decided on the name "Bubba's Chile" because I thought it would be awesome to have Nate be a part of the whole thing, since he's the reason why we were all there to begin with...and since Bubba is his, well, his made sense to have both boys be in the gig, with Andrew being the "chef."

So I got Andrew's chef's hat all squared away with his name on it, and when I went looking for a matching chef's hat for Nate, I came across one with a red truck on it. A no-brainer. Have you ever seen a 3 year old boy with a red truck? omg-sh. It's his favorite thing in the world. So there it was; the full name. Bubba's Red Truck Chile (with an "e", since I made the real deal)

What a bunch of troopers. Walking in the rain. But really? Doesn't rain kinda make it more fun and memorable, anyway? I think so.

The girls sampled all That's a lot of chili!
I love it that Andrew is so game for this kind of thing, especially at 16. He made the event tons of fun. He was in charge of serving up the chili to everyone, and he was funny and happy and wore a silly hat all day for me.
The best friend in the whole world that any girl could ever ask for. For the 2nd year in a row, Becky was the #1 fundraiser for ASPIRO's Ds awareness walk. You are so cool, Becky B-Jones!! We love you so much!!
The Bubba crew 2011


  1. This looks so fun!! I keep seeing what everybody is up to and it makes me sad that I'm missing the fun!! You guys are all so cute! Miss you :)

  2. The walk was so much fun! I love you guys so much too:)