Tuesday, March 08, 2011


So we were sitting in Culver's having a burger, the three of us; me, James and Nate.
I was sitting next to Nate, and James was across the table from us.
We were having an in-depth pros/cons conversation about a hot tub...(more on that later)
when I reached over with a fry and dipped it into the little tub of ketchup that was on the table in the middle between me and Nate....and it was then that I heard..."baap"I didn't really pay attention to it... I mean it was just one little utterance. baap.
I dipped another fry.
I looked at Nate and saw that he was talking to me!
He had his little hand out, palm open and facing me, and he was telling me to stop using his ketchup!
The nerve!
Up until that point I had forgotten that I had used the sign and the word together on a few occasions. Nate picks up new signs really quickly and easily, but he usually doesn't say the word.
And then it just so happened that the following week in school, his class made STOP signs. Too funny.