Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You should hear the sound effect for this!

This was my husband's toy when he was little. I brought it up from the basement last night after we had watched a program about antique toys. When Nate caught sight of it this morning, he started making his little tractor sound that is hilarious and only he can do it! No one can really figure out exactly what position he rolls his tongue and puckers his face, but it's seriously cute. He already loves this old rusty thing, and it doesn't even work! It needs a little tlc, and James said he knows just the guy to bring it to for restoration. I found a little trailer for it online, because we no longer have the original trailer...
...but you know when your kid would rather sit in this than the soft couch, it's gotta be love! I can't wait to have it restored and ready for spring. When Nate was born, my dad refinished James' cradle, and that is a treasure to me. I'm such a softy when it comes to this kinda thing! I mean, if it was worth my husband dragging it around with him all these years in hopes that his boy would one day play with it then I can't wait to get'er done (yehaw! bring on the John Deere!)


  1. I love it! Nate we've got an acre and a quarter for you to come ride that bad boy on, anytime you want handsome!

  2. I love that this is his seat of choice! He's so adorable!!