Friday, December 03, 2010

Still trackin'...

Nate had his 3 year well-check recently.
He is still tracking off the Ds chart.....
He has bumped up a bit on the "typical" charts... the 50th percentile for height AND weight.
(Must be all those cupcakes his Aunt KeKe feeds him!)
His eating pattern is kind of unusual too....he is really hungry and thirsty in the morning, and he always eats a fairly large breakfast. Lunch is usually a sandwich and crackers, and he loves grapes,apples, bananas and little Mandarin oranges.
He rarely drinks juice.
He can not drink milk or eat yogurt, so he drinks soy milk, and has a smoothie when we make a DQ run.
But most of the time, it is hard to get him to eat anything substantial for dinner. We have to work pretty hard at it.
He can't be outsmarted anymore either.
You know....cover the chicken with say...pudding.
Cover the roast beef with...applesauce?
Take last night for example; I took Nate and Maddie to Panera for dinner. I ordered soup in a bread bowl for Nate, and I was delighted that he really liked it and
still wanted more even after it was gone.
So I took a piece of ham from my sandwich (there is too much meat on their sandwiches!) I cut the ham into a little pieces, put it in the bowl, mixed in around with the gooey bread at the bottom of the bowl, and scooped up a spoonful of what looked like soggy, chicken-and-rice soaked bread (which was the part he was diggin')
Yeaaaaah, no.
That was a no- go.

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  1. I could not love this little guy any more!!