Monday, November 22, 2010


  1. Your little guy is a world ahead of where Miss Zoey is but I am certain there are other Apps that would be appropriate for her,so ... I was on the fence about getting the ipad and now ... top of my Christmas list!That was amazing!HE is amazing!

    I have a flip video and I love that too!

  2. Hi Zoey's mom! My video wouldn't load properly last night so I finally went to bed after trying a few times. When I got up this morning I found that flip share had posted some crazy ads on my blog! It had also published the longer version of the video that I had tried to edit down. I deleted the ads and the long video, but I love your comment and wanted to make sure it stayed on here!
    My original post, the one that didn't make it the first few attempts, was titled the same as your comment "on the fence about getting an ipad" how funny!
    You're so right, there are tons and tons of apps and I just know you will be amazed at her abilities! I have a few that Nate doesn't give two rips about, others that I thought he would really love that he doesn't, not yet. I am so tickled at the some of the littlest features of some that entertain him to no end. One is the animated story of the itsy bitsy spider. At one point in the story, if you touch the squirrel on the rooftop (after the spider climbs up the water spout, she ends up on the roof) the little squirrel will hussle off the page, then come skiring back with an acorn, and a little girls voice counts, "1!" so Nate touches it again and of it goes, collecting acorns for Nate at break-neck speed! He adores that little squirrel!