Sunday, November 14, 2010

My ipad, my friend

Nate has SO much FUN playing and learning on my ipad.
I have an incredible video of him that will make you laugh out loud!
(I will have to shorten it before I post, so watch for it within the next few days)
Here he is playing one of his's an app that show a picture of an object, and the letter is spelled in tiles like Scrabble tiles. The word is low-lighted in gray.
The scrambled tiles are underneath the word, and you have to put your finger gently on the tile and move it up to the correct placement on the word. All the while, a voice is saying the letter outloud.
When all the letters are in place, the word is spelled out again letter by letter, and then the whole word is spoken with appropriate sound effects for whatever the object is.
Some of the words Nate will complete and then also do the sign for, if he knows it. (like, "cat")
He will do 3 or 4 words to completion before he gets tired of that game and dials up Talking Carl.

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