Friday, August 20, 2010

Reveal day! (Kid-style)

Hey this is Andrew, guest VIP contributor to this here blog.

Here's a pic of the three out of four kocian kids, on our way to the set of extreme makeover home edition.

Today is reveal day and I can't wait to yell move that bus!!!


Seriously? Could I be more proud of Andrew?

I don't think so.

At this point here, we are within an hour or so of the family arriving home from Orlando. The crowds are enormous and the entire block is buzzing with thousands of people and more excitement than anyone can handle.

James is not here.

He is at Riverside Park doing sound checks for Mark Schultz and Ginny Owens, not to mention his own, and getting everything else ready for the concert later in the evening.


The day before, James thought the crowds could use a little music and dj fun, so he hooked up a sound system and well, did his thing. My boss loved it and so did the bazillion spectators! Now on this James. But Michelle wants it again....bad!

Andrew to the rescue!

That's kid is running sound and music at the set of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition...entertaining the multitudes (not to mention the cast of the show!) and playing requests for my boss. All with the touch of the ipod.

He's amazing!

Meanwhile, Hannah hooks up with her girlfriend Kayden (our neighbor...and her mom's my co-worker) and they were lovin' it all. Kayden had just gotten her picture with Ty so she was on cloud 9. Theses girls were ALL smiles!

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